A large open space in the middle invites the viewer towards the center stage.


The costumes are suspended with fishing line and coat hangers with original hooks removed.


The crates anchoring the ladders are the original crates used to ship many of the costumes directly from Moscow, Russia. The crates are filled with bottled water and have anti-skid casters made with recycled beer bottle caps.


Many of the costumes are originals from Eastern Europe productions, especially from Saint Petersburg and Moscow.


Vitrines with original artifacts from the world of dance complete the exhibit.



Presidio Dance Theatre - San Francisco

More than 100 original dance costumes from around the world were exhibited at the Herbst International Exhibition Hall in the Presidio of San Francisco. A simple arrangement of black ladders, ropes, and hanging costumes, constitute the basic design of the exhibition. Three sets of tall ladders were anchored with ropes to shipping crates. The ladders and the costume racks were kept in place by "sand bags" of cooking flower. All the costumes are regularly used by the dancers of the Presidio Dance Theatre, a dance school for all ages specializing in international folk dance. Click on the link below to see the complete costume catalog.