Carousels 1 2 3

Each station presents three areas: graphics and small artifacts on top. Main artifacts with Q&A in middle, and recycled materials at bottom. Photo: Dennis Letbetter.

Inspiration for final concept

The inspiration for the design.

Aluminum Carousel

Each station is sized for grade school children. Photo: Dennis Letbetter.

Plastic artifacts

All main artifacts swivel around aluminum rods. Artifacts are filled with hardened industrial resins.

Initial concept

Interactivity was to be on a very basic level, such as turning an object.

Final exibit concept rendering

Original design had a large cylinder at bottom holding the recycled plastic pellets, but was later changed to smaller tubes.

Floor schematic

Colored areas on the floor define the exhibit within a larger space.



South San Francisco Scavenger Company

Recycling exhibit for children's education center. This exhibit takes its inspiration from a timeless form of kid entertainment: the old fashioned horse carousel. The artifacts are presented in the exhibit like a circular arrangement of toy horses. Like the horses in a carousel, the bottles and containers are suspended on the poles, but they can also spin around, showing all sides of the artifact. The stations themselves can turn like a carousel. Industrial design consultant: Mark Kapka. Fabrication: Kane Design Studio.