structure of letter

Using large format illustration board, students explored the relationship between the structure of the letterforms and their weight. All letters are hand-drawn and inked with black gouache.

optic correct

Typography is about diversity, difference, rhythm. Students were introduced to the slight variations that take place within a letterform. The letters they drew exemplified these variations.

class names

It was during this class that I resurrected the abandoned letterpress printing shop in the school, and I invited the students to do a simple composition with the composing stick, which was later printed on the Vandercook press.



Typographics I - VCU

In this class, my students learned typography through a hands-on approach. Letterforms were drawn, constructed, and inked by hand, using ruling pen, compass, and other drafting tools. Typical assignments included the following topics: Collage on the history of type (type families) - Optical aspects of the letterform - Structure and weight - Counterform - Logo (personal monogram).


Type I Syllabus (126 KB) application/pdf