Inspired type open booklet

Booklet on "Inspired Typography", by Bradbury Thompson. Student: David Leedle.

Inspired type cover

The cover has the letters "I" and "T" embossed on the paper.

Inspired rhythm

Contrast of rhythm.

Inspired form

Contrast of form.

Inspired texture

Contrast of texture.

Inspired structure

Contrast of structure.

Inspired direction

Contrast of direction.

Inspired weight

Contrast of weight.

Inspired size

Contrast of size.


Inspired Typography

Type II, Virginia Commonwealth University

The short text "Inspired Typography" by Bradbury Thompson was the basis for this projects. I instructed the students to develop a sequence of seven double pages demonstrating the following relations of contrast: structure, texture, form, direction, rhythm, weight, and size. They chose typographic examples from the history of typography to illustrate the booklet.