Urbino landscape 1

Urbino, Italy. The most interesting thing in this photograph is somewhere in the background. It's a feature of the landscape that seems one thing but it's instead something else. You can find it in Piero della Francesca paintings or by going to the beach in San Francisco on a typical summer day.

Santa Chiara

ISIA, Urbino. Ex monastery of Santa Chiara. It currently houses the Istituto.

Main room

ISIA, Urbino. Main common area.



Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche (ISIA). Graphic Design School. Urbino, Italy.

I attended a design college that was housed in a restored monastery originally designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini. Like his more famous Palazzo Ducale, the building had an helicoidal ramp where horses once took their masters to the upper levels. We used ours to go down to the letterpress shop. Among my teachers were the masters Michele Provinciali and Pino Parini.