RISD trace 1

Color trace #1. This series of images is from a color class I took at RISD. One of the assignments called for using the letters of the school in a composition. The final piece is shown at the end of the series. The "byproducts" of the assignment are also very interesting. The color swatches that were left over after cutting the letters. I call these compositions "color traces". Professor: Akefeh Nurosi.

RISD trace 2

Color trace #2.

RISD trace 3

Color trace #3.

RISD trace 4

Color trace #4.

RISD colors

Color kit-of-parts.

RISD overlay 1

Tracing paper 1. This hows the various patterns that need to be cut out.

RISD overlay 2

Tracing paper 2. Some other patterns can be identified here.

RISD overlay 3

Tracing paper 3. More cutting sequences.

RISD overlay 4

Tracing paper 4. This shows the final letter composition.



Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, R.I.

I went to Rhode Island School of Design for my Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I spent two years there thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. RISD is a great place for art, of any kind, and you can follow your instinct. I ended up spending most of my second year on the Brown University campus, where I took classes in filmmaking. This ultimately allowed me to complete a 16mm film as part of my master's thesis at RISD.