The rules of baseball

A graphic explanation of the rules of baseball. Student: Derek Fletcher, Fall 2010.

Bicycle friendly cities in the US.

A comparison of bike-friendly cities. Student: Gritchell Fallesgon, Fall 2009.

The American Civil War

The American Civil War. Student: Mary Hickox, Fall 2010.

Coral reefs in danger

Coral reefs at risk. Student: Ray Chu-Colwell, Fall 2009.

The electoral college

The electoral college in the United States. Student: Kyle Mooneyham, Fall 2010.

employment non-discrimination act legislation

Employment non-discrimination act legislation and the legislation process. Student: Henry Pacheco, Fall 2009.

fuel efficiency in cars in the US

Fuel efficiency in cars in the US. Student: Jeff Masamori, Fall 2010.

human origins

Human origins. Geographic migration and timeline. Student: Eugene Wong, Fall 2009.

income inequality

Income inequality in the US. Student: Tyler Boddy, Fall 2010.

kent state shootings

Kent State shootings. Student: Martha Pettit, Fall 2009.

life expectancy in the world

Life expectancy in the world. Student: Valerie Jauregui, Fall 2010.

many eyes by IBM

Many Eyes, a data visualization website by IBM. Student: Elnaz Davoudi, Fall 2010.

media giants in the US

Media giants in the US. Student: Jennifer McKie, Fall 2009.

mysfsu website redesign

MySFSU student portal redesign. Student: Ricialg Panlaqui, Fall 2009.

prison population

Prison population in the US compared to other countries. Student: Brie Burnham, Fall 2010.

the sex profession

The sex profession. A survey in San Francisco. Student: Jose Ramirez, Fall 2009.

the tallest skyscrapers in the world

The tallest skyscrapers in the world. Student: Maggie Lee, Fall 2009.

water resources in the world

Water resources in the world. Student: Miranda Bague, Fall 2009.

World religions

World religions. Student: Alisa Highfill, Fall 2010.