Iceberg plot

"Academia is an iceberg" data visualization. Team: Giorgio Caviglia, William Dunn, Pino Trogu. Data set sources: Mendeley, Linkedin. Tools: php, javascript, d3.js.

Data in Sight San Francisco
Posted July 2, 2011
Data visualization competition

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From the data insight website: "Ever wondered what would happen if we put amazing designers and phenomenal programmers together for a weekend to work on the best data APIs? That's right. Incredible interactive visualizations!

Welcome to data in sight: making the transparent visual, a hands-on data visualization competition held June 24th through 26th, 2011, at the Adobe Systems, Inc. offices in San Francisco's SoMa District."

"Academia is an iceberg", data visualization above, took first price in the "best fusion of multiple data sets" category. Project team: Giorgio Caviglia, Pino Trogu, William Dunn. The graph shows a sample of 500 published academics from the Mendeley network and their readership, compared with corresponding Linkedin membership and number of connections.

Download PDF slides used for the 3-minute presentation.

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